Unshakable Security

for An Unpredictable World

We live in a disruptive world, one that is filled with a tension of parallels. As things get better, things are also getting worse.

Technology is a doubled-edged sword.

The only way to overcome these threats is to be better and more innovative, with the integrity to follow through when the going gets tough. 


Hire. Upskill. Empower.

Hue is defined as a colour or shade. We want to be a shade deeper than all our competitors.

To meet our mission, we will:



Hire the most highly trained Ex-Army personnel from our esteemed Armed Forces, and as well as former Indian and Nepali army members to support the industry shortage.


Upskill quality personnel by conducting on-going training for security personnel on a regular basis as stipulated by PPKKM.


Empower our operation team to undertake core duties and to quickly respond to any unprecedented emergency cases.


The 6 Core Values of Higher Purpose